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May 17, 2022

All Up In: Astrology as a Spiritual Science with Vivian Hecimovich

All Up In: Astrology as a Spiritual Science with Vivian Hecimovich

Hey, what’s your sign? This week on the podcast Mary is joined by Vivian Hecimovich, an astrologer and intuitive healer who helps people navigate massive change in their lives. Together they explore–

  • Astrology basics like sun signs, rising signs & Saturn returns
  • The houses in astrology (not to be confused with Harry Potter houses)
  • Electional magic & karma in the natal chart
  • Co-parenting during covid
  • Cultivating a magical practice & more

Tune in to hear Vivian’s journey from goth teen to intuitive healer & learn how you can use astrology to navigate your life. Then smash that subscribe button so you never miss an episode, and come hang with us on Instagram & Twitter

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Music. Welcome to all up in my lady business I am your host Mary nisi on this podcast all explore the fine line between having it together I'm losing your shit here I share my journey as an entrepreneur a mom a wife a DJ and randomly a beekeeper I have no shame and no filter except the ones I use on Instagram my stories of resilience a little structure and a lot of resource Wellness can show you how to take those same things and live your life with your whole ass. Thanks for listening. All right okay folks will thanks so much for tuning in to today's episode I'm thanks for coming back after my crazy rant last week I guess I had covid and was not in a good place I'm here today with my glorious friend Vivian has some of itch she is an intuitive healer and through the use of personal and Collective astrology along with the transformative practice of yoga she ascertains patterns in need of change and courses of action to create a Clear Vision, of the future. I mean so to boil that down a little bit more concisely or make it may be clearer for people that aren't familiar with this kind of stuff I am a counseling astrologer and Tarot reader I am also a yoga teacher but I've been doing less of that since March of 2020 weird crazy right and I have been doing more and more astrology I originally started doing modern archetypal psychological astrology and have now kind of steered my path more on the traditional Hellenistic. Astrology path God I have feel like we already can do an hour on what you just said so essentially you know people will say a lot about Hellenistic strategy. Dates back to the greek-speaking world so not just Greece but Mesopotamia and most of the countries that were greek-speaking a very long time ago, it's a form of astrology that is a little more fatalistic a little more goth if you will and it's that aligns it uses a lot of timing techniques now is this is this like when someone says what we're what are you you're an aquarius okay that would like is that, no that's a really good question because I think people are very much identify with their sun sign and sun sign astrology was a big thing in the like I think that's like what brought it to the Forefront of people's attention in the 60s and 70s and then once again in the 90s I think when were kids you know that's what we learn we learn how to read the horoscopes in the newspaper and we identify with this period this solar period which is essentially a month of the year our sun the planet falls into that place in determining what sun sign you are having said that. I think that's super fun I love all the memes I love the things that you can determine. By someone Sunshine but I use the whole chart, and how do you determine the whole chart the whole chart is essentially a snapshot of what the sky looked like at the time of your birth so it places all the planets in the solar system in a particular order within 12 houses and that old houses meaning Aquarius. Taurus blah blah good question because traditional astrologers do not correlate the signs with the houses. One of the houses and the houses are areas of life is it like Gryffindor ha ha ha you know essentially they represent no Mary and I hate that joke and never be good no not at all essentially they are themes or areas within the life so very briefly one is like the body and sense of self or cut the Helm of the ship and then there is the Gate of Hades in traditional astrology which is essentially the opening to the bottom half of the chart which is the private or unseen area it's very different than modern astrologers saying that you know the first house is Aries in the second house is Taurus. This is different this is the Hellenistic one is different from the one we normally it is a totally different lens absolutely yeah I mean what is the one that we know what is the like the the newspaper one, I mean I would say it's definitely it all fun falls under the umbrella of astrology but I would definitely say that is Sun Sign astrology and is like pointing to a particular area of your chart and what you could possibly expect if you are this person now having said that the way that I use astrology if you're going to read columns by many astrologers that I like who actually do paid work that way that's one of the ways that astrologers do make income you want to read in general for your rising sign because the rising sign determines where all of the transits are falling within your chart at any given time and that's what most people use to determine what's happening at a given moment to say okay buckle up is this richer is this Mercury in retrograde or is that a different thing, Mercury retrograde I'm not given to all over the place and asking too many questions now I think it's interesting that I think that two things have main astrology more popular and have made people more aware of how their lives are affected by the planets and those two things are Mercury retrograde and the Saturn return and I love so much. That the majority of my clients are born in the 90s which is wild Cemetery that is something to think about right and that they are totally familiar. With what their Saturn return is or what. Mercury retrograde means or how to use those things to help them better steer their ship so what do you think that is what I mean okay so two questions what are your clients are they like gender-wise are they a lot of women or is it mostly what is it what's the gender makeup of like the I'm probably gonna cry dad what is the identity makeup probably 80% identify as female that would be my guess in your finding but the majority of your clients like the younger ones are hipper towards the they understand it like they know it more intrinsically like I just feel like they're more open to it. I feel like it's part of their vernacular like astrology is part of their vernacular and they will reference other astrologers that have gotten popular via Tik-Tok or YouTube I mean it's just like a totally different way of looking at the world are these people that like. Maybe in a different generation would have been like talking about like go with God like more in these are like more spiritually minded people that have just gravitated towards astrology or do you think in like just a religion is turning them off are they also religious people or is it she know it's a pretty good mix and I'm surprised all the time at that honestly. I don't know maybe 40 to 50 percent are people that are open to many spiritual practices but I would say the other half. Or exposed in some other way and their interests would not be evident by looking at them got it, what got you into this like how did you start down the path of loving and feeling astrology and your bones I may and I think it was rather accidental. I have a handwritten birth record. That my father penciled in you know when I was born and your parents were into this dad was I wouldn't say into it I think my dad was actually terrified by it but I have this birth record and it's got the entire zodiac. All of the. Representations around the birth record which is written in the middle and I will say that I was born during one of those Peak periods when astrology had a Revival the 70s were right Ruby time for your sign they were they were and I think. Greek people used a lot I mean they're very superstitious and I just remember. My dad and his sister like commenting on different people sun sign like I knew everybody Sun cited family so that was the first point of entry and then I just taught a class on using astrology in your personal magical practices at Sideshow gallery and she reminded Sherry the owner reminded me that we went to one of those metaphysical bookstores when we were. In our early teens and got our charts printed out. And then later in the 90s when there was another Revival my friend Stephanie and I we would is this was before people were using computer software that made it very easy so prior to that if you wanted to look at a chart in its entirety it required a lot of mathematical skills that I am not wow in possession of, so this thing I just pulled up my chart that Vivian had done for me a while ago is this like a thing you would do with, paper yeah people would draw that armpits you're using like a compass and like rulers that's a really good question because I think I think a compass I'm not even sure but we would be looking up the tables of the moon and the tables of Mars and the back of books and so that was probably the first point in which I started memorizing my friends charts at this time also there was website that I believe was launched somewhere around 91 God bless because I have probably 50 charts in my account there that are that are yours of you of my friends because it was a place with that would calculate charts for free and you could put different asteroids or different how systems in it and look at your chart in a bunch of different ways it was the very beginning of the use of software Sergeant asteroids. Yes afterwards factor into astrology some people use there are so so many aspects so so so many but yes like like flying. Blobs of magma in the atmosphere, I mean it's really no different than a planetary body essentially they're just much smaller okay yeah but they know where they're going to be at all times you know some will the randomness of an asteroid can factor in yeah and I mean I don't do a lot of work with asteroids. But there is like a planetary body that I do use called Chiron and we don't know how long he will be in the solar system so at some point if a planet survives there will be people born without Chiron in their chart interesting cool right is it a thing that it's like that like it's light years away and so we haven't seen what's happening with it. That I don't know all I know is that it has it appeared I believe in the 60s and so charts before a certain point do not have Chiron in them. And then they we don't know how long he will be and he has a very very unusual elliptical pattern okay that's so cool so when you so you're so you're Greek you're raised your parents were Greek you're Greek and that's part you think that the greediness of the whole thing is part of the reason why, I think definitely but I do have like I personally have some very distinction markers in my chart that make me. Someone who's very interested in things that are not visible to the eye. My dad was always totally freaked out by my my gosh Tendencies and I just think. Any way that I could find it would give me. Spiritual insight as to the nature of life and suffering from a very early age become a became a very comforting thing to me. Why do you think that you were so into Gotham needing that kind of. Explanation or roadmap that's a really good question I did I mean I just first of all, Greek culture is incredibly dramatic yes that you don't say and you know suffering is integrated. Into day-to-day life, like even even in a very light-hearted thing like My Big Fat Greek Wedding you get a little bit. Like with the spray. Not that part although you know my dad definitely had his thing it wasn't Windex but it was very it was you know his remedy for everything well but just the idea that there's always me something bad and you need the spray around to try to alleviate it. Have you ever been in an orthodox church not for a service oh my God the priests are terrifying. Everything about it is all about shame and retribution hey did you see that like Greeks got the corner the market on the Catholics have definitely yes he's that cudgel well yes indeed you know and and there are there are distinct differences like we priest can marry oh a nice and one of the more terrifying things I learned when I was young and so funny my parents are not religious at all. And I was so fascinated by the concept, of spirit because I felt it from a very early age that I like piggybacked on another Greek friends family and would go to these Greek Services because and today I still find the interior of an Orthodox Church one of them was beautiful things to witness and to sit in that space But. My family was not religious and, we had like didn't even go like not even kidding I even see any like not even Christmas Christmas and Easter no not okay no I mean I think there. They had religious principles that were drilled into them but as far as the service and the actual Act of going to church. I don't think so okay so that you weren't rebelling against church then basically and you know not at all so I went I investigated I decided that organized religion was not for me but, I still had this need to connect with something that felt Divine to me or purposeful. And so that became both God and astrology these are two purposes when I bought my first Tarot deck I think when I was if he can't boys. I think it was 1990 and might have been before them but you were 10 or 11. No you're a little too oh no I'm older than you yeah no I mean I was in my teens okay for sure I mean I think somewhere oh yeah I was fifteen and nineteen ninety who am I fooling we could pretend yeah but I always always. If there was a form of divination and I could read for my friends or like ask spirit for a sign I'm all about like I've always been really into things being like faded like Divine meetings or there are no accidents or their Ouija boards in your life yes like how many. So many Ouija boards no I never owned one oh God I keep trying to find a nice vintage one and you can't really go to any Guru people do now come on with your thing we're having another Revival yeah I remembered I was in high school when I was like going to like set some other parties and like this one friend of mine had a Ouija board and like I hated doing it but I also couldn't stop myself yeah, light as a feather stiff as a board anything like could do that was spooky in the dark dying babies crying concentrate concentrate was that one of your thing you know that was, that was like a thing like a chant I don't got invited to my weird friend of group of friends make that I hope they did we would like have chance during summer parties where would like. Like beat on each other's backs of a circle people dying babies crying concentrate I don't know what we did with it as a singing well that's a. That was a deep dark Heaven hasn't been Unearthed since like 1986 memory in my weird Bank moving on let's not analyze that so okay so you buy a teradek you're looking for your parents into this with you or were they like are they not excited that you have gone there's nothing my mom's family. And I just remember this being a statement that was given to me when I was very young as if it was completely normal my mom's like Oh you know our whole family we communicate with one another in dreams so on my mother's side. All of the women would make visitations in dreams and I remember my mom telling me that when I was very very young, and she said the women in his family communicate be a dream yeah and do you believe that well she came to visit me after she died, now would somebody else's call that a dream that they have but you're calling it a visitation or what did it feel differently than a Dream well she my mother was a very practical lady. Not overly emotional in terms of how she went about her life, M she when she passed away we couldn't find the insurance papers and she was Notorious for squirrelfish squaring things away and very strange places and so, the reason I call this a visitation is because she literally told me where the papers were and I found them no way yeah. And the other strange thing about the dream is she kept getting younger in the dream I like I felt like that was her way of and seeing you know like. This is it if you want any information for me I'm moving on to whatever the next thing is yeah it's weird and she hasn't she hasn't. Made too many appearances when she did the insurance thing like was it a significant like if you haven't found it yet, it was a huge deal okay like I don't know what we would have done otherwise God honestly okay yeah so it was a helpful visitation it wasn't just like here's a thing and then they're like oh great the Box can you checked now she's officially dead or something okay that's not amazing so that's the intro. But more about what I actually do so most of the time people come to me in 30 or 60 minute increments sometimes once sometimes multiple times I have a bunch of people that come and see me once a year essentially we look at what planetary movements are the root cause of. Big transitions in the life because I feel like people don't come to me personally for whatever reason and less they're going through massive. And that's another thing I think is somewhat tied to the goth thing like I'll have a particular signature and a chart and for whatever two weeks every single person that calls me, we'll have that same signature which is bizarre like for instance we are in the middle of a clip season right now and the eclipses are falling in the houses of the charts that are occupied by the sign of Scorpio and the skies sign of Taurus and I had. I think in a week and a half period 10 people that were all Scorpio Rising it came to me for a reading. And what can determine something like this the Scorpio has its all determine on the moment you were born right and they were all born on different days in like different days different years. You know some of them had other planets in that first house some of them were just a Scorpio Rising however. Eclipse is falling in the 1st and 7th houses feel really deeply personal because those that you houses that represent you. And your commitment to others. So a lot of times people will go through divorces or like something having to do with their body is changing changing jobs I don't know so much about jobs unless it's really tied to like. Your identity but first and seventh is essentially you and how you identify yourself. And relationships and how you identify with. Marriage or Partnerships or things that you are deeply committed to on a one-on-one level your job Falls in another house work that you do for other people with balls in another house and those all and but all those houses are fixed. In your chart in but in but like does everybody have the same houses in their charts yes everybody has 12 houses everybody has. Those themes although I will say that each individual house has a myriad of topics that fall within it. Okay so but they tend to be within the same Realm. Okay so can somebody use something in user charts obviously to like for every decision that they make or they could use it to help them inform. Their lives or whatever right like you almost using it like a religion like a personal Bible. I like to call it a spiritual science because there are things about it, that you know the way we look at it that our scientific but then what we look at within those scientific pattern. Becomes more personal and counseling and, spiritual in nature so yes for instance I also I've been doing a lot of these things as of late that are called elections and I don't know if you know that Ron Reagan was well known for having an astrologer oh yeah okay so you know that they had a lot of it was that that was Nancy Reagan and Ron got pulled along for the ride we likely very likely but I do know this, that they used an astrologer to pull these elections. Which essentially are the same thing is that chart that I just showed you it's choosing a moment in time where the planetary energy is conducive to doing and achieving a particular thing so, they were known for I think you know calling press conferences at really unusual yeah Himes that's why so I have been doing. Election on Magic because I also have personal magical practices so I help people choose X or have been looking at some of the very. Unusual patterns that we've had for the last couple of years so what what you can do with this information, like for instance you know you can look at in a very simple sense like the planets that are the bad guys okay because in Hellenistic astrology we you know. They're more clear about things that are going to be challenging and easy then say. A modern perspective which is going to tend to you know like. I think there's value in all systems but we can look at the bad guys say for instance like Mars and Saturn are the two malefics or the planets of Challenge and so we can definitely look and see. What they are doing to your chart at a particular place at a particular time to kind of forecast the themes that you might want to look at you know and that's just an example we might also want to look at. What the toobin ethics are doing to do things happen FX but in fact I was those are the helpful planets which one's those Venus and Jupiter. The lady ones Jupiter's actually lost fairness and Order and he was correlated to Zeus, you know from mythological perspective, but they are of the diurnal and nocturnal sect Sue some people's better planet is going to be no sense some people's better planet is going to be Jupiter in terms of being a helper. Specifically. Music. Okay so how do I get back to like you yes let's get back to edit and how you did this and what's going on with so you're in high school you got Terra Pax and you're the local woo girl that's like having seances and oh yeah getting handyman to come into the mirror what so what so when you graduate from high school what do you do. I went to Art School like every fucking goddamn yeah it was the 90s no you can swim here okay there's Annie there's Annie on this one come on I'm involved surprised I haven't worn yet so you go to art school where to go, come on Mia and what did you go for, fiction writing very practical work okay yeah I got a degree in art history in English so I feel like I feel you dawg okay so you go to art school and you are writing fiction and are you continuing this journey of yes and then I kind of. Veered off to the side a little into photography and of course you know I was like oh I can be in the dark all the time messing with these images and being someone who I I feel like I'm a creative person but not in a traditional art way like I can't draw it all it was it was really freeing, to be able to do something that didn't involve words. So I was doing that but you know I was very easily distracted and was the 90s and I think I really did sort of lose my connection to Spirit. At that time which was really unusual so. I think it took my return from living in New Orleans for a couple years and my experiences there. To come back to astrology and then I did like I did my first yoga teacher training and what is this. Early 2000s probably but. I chose a program that was in Chicago and it ended up being. Really kind of whoo like the most woo of the yoga trainings that I could have gotten in I was not really pleased with it and now in retrospect it's more of you know there are no accidents but so what why was it an accident um because that training revived my study of karma and astrology because it's used in this particular branch of yoga what was it what's the branch kriya yoga oh like the temple yeah that's where I went okay so you did it over and then we use did you start teaching, yoga no I mean I think I think I think it just didn't feel authentic to me. And I did a little bit and I just did like oddly I have no problem standing in front of people and talking but doing so. With yoga took something out of the experience for me and I didn't really enjoy so at that point. I fell back into astrology because the whole concept of Karma that's one of the things related to the chart. Is that this is your karma for this lifetime and that's neither good nor bad it's just generally. This set of circumstances and this body that you occupy in this lifetime that's wait karma in astrology chart your karma is the chart a chart your hole. So you know isn't Karma like a what it's going to be early the ramifications of the hate is it's not and see that's that's the tricky thing Western culture teaches us to believe that karma is the law of Retribution like there's this whole concept of sin and retribution and it's just it's not bad is this like people trying to make sense of it using his Christianity is yes absolutely ins 100% what it really is is like for instance. Well use me my karma is that I was born. To Greek American immigrants in New York City with this amount of resources I tend to have. Way of intellectualizing things. Possibly making them more challenging than they need to be you know it's all spelled out in the chart and it's neither good nor bad it's just the way that it is and there's no modifying that there's no changing your karma. No it just is is that comforting or is that I find it incredibly comforting. I know that that's changed but no but I mean I'm sure a lot of it's open to interpretation as well 100 persons so it's like you know I mean I remember this is not Karma or whatever but it's just will at my high school senior prom at the after party or the post-prom know they would like lock you in the gym yes your words so mrs. Owens the my English teacher she was the best she smelled like my cheek Noir perfume and she smoked cigarettes in the Janitor's Closet with the janitor left in the in the basement of the Church of the school they hired her to do palm reading. And really yeah letter they hired her but she did Palmer I love it and you know of course I mean I you know I quote over this isn't real so she looks at my palm and she's like you are going to have a long life, and then she's like you are you aren't going to get married until you're older and you're only going to have one kid, and I was like the fuck you that's not true I'm going to get married and I want to be a teacher and I'm going to have six kids and that's how my life's going to be and then I got married they got great at 36 had my first kid at 39 the only kid I had I'm like it's weird how. It's weird I think that's really weird for a high school English teacher to say to an 18 year old about start their life that like oh by the way you're only have one kid and here's I think it was accurate here's something I will say about this my particular use of astrology and Tarot. There is divination within the process that interpretation that lends the Instinct that you have in discussing serious matters within the life having said that. I prefer to take an archetypal kind of counseling perspective on it because I believe that me, telling people what I think they are doesn't allow them any of the work that's required to really stretch their expectations of themselves and really move into a place of satisfaction or growth because it's all just information it is just enforce this information and it's like information is neutral and it's a dialogue to like I will go in and say you know what's going on right now because I've looked at my own chart for. Very very very long time and I continually find things that make me think. Have I looked at my chart this is totally and I think that's part of like realization gross maturity. All their information coming in so in order to use time wisely I ask people what's happening. What do you want to happen how do you want to feel and then I look at the information within that and then we discuss things that my eyes drawn to or that they want to talk about and then I give them as much context but I need their feedback. Well speaking of feedback after you have done this for somebody what's the case study like what's the what like what's the best outcome from somebody that you work with I don't know when people come back to me and say. I had I had a woman who I think was really skeptical and I think she had known me for many years from an entirely different environment and wanted to support me during the pandemic. And I saw her it was like a month ago and she just said I just want to tell you everything that you said. And I thought okay absolutely came true this year like all of the possibilities that you are pointing to she said every, single one of them happened and I was like what did I say that wasn't cute so I don't care so much about that but I do love when people come to me and say you know that one thing that we talked about really made me look at my life differently. And more optimistically or it gave me the courage to do something that's really the best case study that's like that mean that's the dream right yeah absolutely, that's the absolute dream so when did you try this when did you start to make this like your full-time gig so we can talk about the before times let's go back to the before I was. You know I was doing my regular day job which was my night job I was I was a bartender and, I also lived at the yoga studio because despite the fact that I didn't teach very much I still the practice to date is still you have one of the strongest Yoga practices of anyone I've ever met oh my God I love it so much it actually just keeps me from. Unless there's that's how we met we met at the yoga studio we did yoga together but I was doing these workshops in collaboration with other people because once again people were interested and in pop astrology so I thought well. You know how can we integrate this with a short practice in a way that's accessible two people that are just dropping in for an hour so we had it a couple workshops which were amazing and they had a lot of people in them. And that's kind of what started me moving more in that direction and then I was doing these year ahead readings for people which now looking back at the amount of time and effort I put into each of those I was way under charging are they are they are they can basically is a forecast for the year it was a forecast for the year based on the big transits like the big things happening for the so I was doing that and then you know Marshall 2020 arrived can we go back to this yeah so these so these year ahead these big Transit things you would do would they that we're people coming to you and being like I'm thinking about getting pregnant or what's the thing that people would come to you and why they would do a year ahead I never even knew this is a thing in all honesty I think. That was my way in of looking at this on a deeper level like looking at, what the whole year might entail for someone it also happened to coincide with my separation and I think I was really looking, like what is the future hold for me as a single person as a single mother you know what is that like and I think that leads us into something that we might want to talk about is your, your child we're single parents single yesterday so yes you will talk about later on that you can do these further ahead readings because that seems very cool but so separation and your child so your son's actually the same ages. - yes yes they're like a month apart December right 13 yep yeah not know 19. So our 19th of 1313 yeah okay so they're really close like a couple months apart there's a couple weeks apart are they that close I thought he was end of January and of January's guys, yeah so they're a little over a month apart yeah so we were parents of X we were probably took prenatal classes together we did those horrible things I will never do prenatal yoga again that was thank God for that yeah I mean I've had one good so, you got married you had a relationship you had a child and then it fell apart did you see that in your chart looking back on it really oh yeah. Looking back on your chart you can see how this was all going to death but I will say I will say something but you know people can take it if they're interested and leave it if they're not. It's one of the outer planets and I don't use the outer planets as rulers but when Pluto crosses one of the angles in your chart and it was crossing my descendant which is basically you. Your marriage or you and your partner I've seen very few marriages survive that planet cross that point. Oh my goodness and it really did like at the moment that things started to fall apart. And you can you can see that in red like you can see that on any chart of anytime yes absolutely yeah wow it's almost like she do like marital. Counseling with chart stuff I mean I do like talking about relationships I think that's a core part of who I am it's a corporate who all of us are I mean that some people care more than others. For sure I mean that's to be said about every relationship so you guys separated when. I mean when things are falling apart in 2016 but we separated I think officially and January of 2017. Okay so pre-pandemic and and so. How's that been going we're great oh really yeah okay and as of late I feel like we've been doing an alright job co-parenting however knock on plastic the exactly whatever it is particleboard yeah. But this whole thing of having to Pivot during the pandemic I think every single person I would hope. Made some kind of shift around their identity during the pandemic absolutely and I think that's what pushed me. Closer to Spirit and divination and counseling and the things that are really fascinating and meaningful to me you know watching them transpire so that was the big change. During the pandemic yeah and I mean I mean I'm assuming how does astrology like fall in with your with your parenting and like with having a child and being a single parent does it but does do those things intermix here's the thing. And you know this just as well as I do there is nothing about parenting that is supported. In our capitalist Society nothing no you're on your own you got yourself into this problem you can get yourself out of it right and it's almost as if. Being a parent is looked at like a problem oh absolutely everything is a problem and a solution. Especially when you are not part of a traditional nuclear family. It's next to Impossible and the pandemic made that even more challenging I mean you and I both had children around the same age in the house with us all the time right and so therefore. Not only did our identity in the world change but our identity is parents changed to and it was stretched to its absolute capacity like it was at the point where. The fabric of those relationships was tearing because we had no space no tools no resources well I mean not to mention like how do you co-parent in a pandemic when like you're supposed to have a pod and you're not supposed to like. Have other people involved it's supposed to be just I have I have two friends with who's a who are divorce and they're they're remarried and they have these sure cuz we were kids and like. The the the I mean of course they're going to say it was the other side but they're like you know the new wives gave their All Families covid because like, the they were they were outgoing and doing things and not masking and then they would give covid to the husband and the husband would give to the kidney came and bring it home so all of a sudden like it's being really interesting like science thing to like see the disease vectors of parents that were co-parenting and like how many like how much covid-19 cuz of kids with shared custody, I mean I have a friend and I think you know. Women and men just view parenting differently and this is no disrespect to anybody but I think it's some point. During q1 turkey one this person told me they're like oh I'm just not going to see my daughter until it's over. So they still not seen her because it's not over well I just remember thinking. How fast you think that thing's gonna be over man well it's not even that like how much absence are you willing to allow. Yeah how much are you willing. To put on your former partner oh wow yeah I didn't even think about that. I mean whether or not they were remarried I don't know the details but I just remembered that statement standing out to me and thinking a mother would never say anything about yeah yeah. Yeah so to answer your question about how this work fits into parenting from a. Purely logical perspective no easier. Then any of my other jobs in fact I think it's a little more complicated because it requires me to have a certain amount of mental and creative space which is not that easy. With a child around because you have to give them attention and you have to I mean like he stuck he can't use a knife yeah which is kind of mind-blowing I'm like don't you know do this yet let me still can smash in this big he can barely use a knife right now he's hate are you saying that roaming still can't use a knife I mean he can't but it's not great that makes me glad I'm it that actually makes me feel happy to hear you say that I think it's totally normal this leads to this hands and I'm like what are you for you know and then like then I'm like we have your eight like I do are eight-year-olds only so I don't know I get kind of well we also have to take into account that they did spend two years not eating around other p.m. It's true they're just not going to have the same development it's different but. You know it's really hard and he has his totally photobombed. Readings on zoom and thank God most people are pretty accommodating, but it definitely is jarring to me and it will snap me out of my space where I'm like trying to synthesize what I'm looking at and hear what they're telling me and apply it in some way that's meaningful and then he comes in the room with clapping or something Mom where's the juice boxes oh my God are you kidding me I'm trying to put continuous boxes on the table Roman, get out of here so yeah it's and I think you know It's Tricky. A lot of things disappeared during the pandemic school buses and babysitter's being you know two of the big ones so we spend a lot of time commuting. For now thank goodness peacefully working from other ends of the house but it's still it's a real complicated juggle I think women are always the ones who bear. The brunt of the juggling always well we can't say always you know that we can I'm I would are you sure I agree with you but I feel there's probably some man out there just like I actually do stuff and it's great you do stuff but like it's not that the stuff isn't done it's just that, societally we're not set up to be viewed equally no are respected for the unpaid labor that we do absolutely not, you know it's either made fun of or a total or it's like or it's like you know. Mother's job is never done Mom no one works harder than you know they kind of pay this lip service to it but then don't do anything about it it's like yeah it is the hardest thing and no one's trying to do anything to make it easier like. Come on so you made it through the pandemic somehow the by move the bartending has come back well I do that a lot less than I did before. About half of what I did before and is it been making are you making up with it with the astrology readings and things like that I mean I'm making a lot less money than I was before sure I don't know I don't know that I'll return to what I was making great Panda I'm not with that attitude. I mean yes you're absolutely right but I think you know if just looking at it from the perspective of, having to split my energy between these two things and parenting like there it's not it's not a really viable solution I think it is a solution for now so so you know you've got this new partner. Yes do we want to talk about him sure did the Stars tell you that he was going to no not at all really no. However there is this like some people really love doing these kinds of charts but there's this thing called synastry in which you take the charts and lay one on top of one another so one is like the inner ring and one is the outer ring and there are certain things that we look at to see if people are going to be compatible and, what kind of compatibility they have like some people can. Have a really great sexual chemistry but there's not a lot in the cards for long-term I'm familiar with those people but I so I have you know a professional app on my phone and of course after we started. Talking in a more romantic way because I had known him for some time he also practice that at the same studio with us L had spoken to me for many years prior to us actually going out on a date but I did a comparison of our charts and it was really alarming because I never seen one that had such a high. Compatibility rate and one of the things that really stood out to me is you know that's like a scale of 1 to 10. And long-term was a 9 out of 10. Okay so that was a good thing it was but scary at the same time well you know I'm skeptical these days I've everything. I'm skeptical that mean it's hard not to be yeah it's a cynical world out there yeah. So yeah so you're so you're happy right now would you say that you're happy right now I would and the interesting thing is that again with the no accidents. Like his mother. I think is someone who is very deeply connected to Spirit I mean she changed her last name to arkana what does our economy it in reference to the tarot oh maybe she read tarot in Chicago and. The 70s but I believe that she has a feminist. And an activist and somebody who believed in magic, this pretty much set him up for me which is great that's incredible I didn't know this so she still with us yeah, is she in so is she she's still practicing magic as far as I know so when you practice Magic, do you guys do because your magic together know and what kind of magic do you do. It's kind of a mix of things that I picked up along the way really I lived in New Orleans I have a Greek family like so there's like a voodoo like it's definitely a hodgepodge of things that I have called in. Mostly at this point you know directed by astrological influence. What would someone who needs magic colleague contact you for it's like Practical Magic is I don't perform, magical rituals for people I do host these little ceremonies around particular transits or, the new and full moon out during Eclipse season which is what we're in right now how long does it last usually about a month or so, we have most often a couple of them a year they're normal parts of the year but they signify Great Beginnings and great endings within the life so you know I like looking at where they're falling in people's charts because. To me they are the magic that we don't have any control over but they are magic you know that's incredible. Music. I have a question yes have you done your child's chart yes of course and so what in the end is that does that dictate your parenting it does affect it absolutely tell me how so. My son was born during Sagittarius season so you know. People that follow sun sign astrology would automatically be like oh party guy and he is he's very enthusiastic and very social and, funny and philosophical in a very weird way for someone who is as small as he is I remember at a very early age we were driving on Lake Shore Drive and he randomly asked me he said mom how do you open your third eye. And I said it is too early for an existential conversation but we can get back to that at a later Point e and you didn't didn't know what third eyes were I have no idea where it came from still no idea where he might have picked that up from but. So there's that portion in Sagittarius is known as like the philosopher It's associated with the planet Jupiter which is like you know big and life-giving and about Justice and fairness and truth but you know he's got a lot of water in his chart. He's a very emotional creature and a very intuitive creature. And so he's got a Pisces Rising which that's what we call the Helm of the ship your rising sign. Oh my God man I'm gonna have to keep this kid. I'm going to have to be directive in many ways because of the ways all of it is going to come spilling out and I mean that in the way of like emotions intuition his actual physical belongings but I do watch what transits are happening, to see what might be affecting his mood or has ability to concentrate and I think because, you know children have taken of a beating during the pandemic more so developmentally than grown-ups I mean we're having issues but they're being affected in an entirely different way. I was talking to my ex's father this morning and he said you know he doesn't know his right from his left I'm like I don't know my right from my left half the time and at this point. I don't know if you've witnessed this at all but I think sometimes the mornings. Our when he has all the information coming at him for the day and you know it's cool there is a mass girl there's not a mask while we're doing this today we're not doing this today this activity has been canceled there's like a new pivot every morning routine has been messed up. Yeah. And so I feel like having the knowledge of his chart that I have is easier for me to provide him comfort knowing. The lens with which he's looking at life. Yeah I mean it's just information yeah it's just information I mean to be fair smashing still has to make the L sign with his fingers to figure out what's left and right I mean. I did the same thing we were just in say Thomas and you have to drive on the left there. All of our plans got thrown out the window I just closed my eyes really and Play Passenger but buddy wait what do you mean we're just, didn't know if you're driving on the right side of the street or well it's just weird like every time we get to an intersection my instinct was to do the exact opposite of what we had to do. Yeah I was at a bike I we same thing when I was in Turks and Caicos so that it's on the other side of the street, and I was we were riding bikes we like borrowed bikes from the place and like riding around and I'm like not this doesn't feel right I think I'm gonna die so I just like wrote on the sidewalk like a like I like like I hate riding the sidewalk it's like my. Header and sidewalks we didn't die yeah not dying as that's the key that's the key so you do you think it to to do a child's chart is it fair I guess some people, that site that I was telling you about that I discovered in the 90s God bless them and he weird thing that I want to research they'll have it I could type it in they will their computer will not, color chart for anyone under the age of six why is that I don't know I don't know I don't know if it's like legal, or you know the people who run it if it's ethical for them you know there are some astrologers who won't use celebrity charts which I think is ridiculous, because they feel like ethically it's a violation that's weird I mean a celebrity is on display. Yeah I didn't I mean I also think celebrities or politicians are really. Their charts are really good to learn from because many of the big events in their life that can be used to describe a particular Transit like many of these are recorded and documented so you can so you can you can look at it and be like oh the day that Marilyn Monroe. Died. Her chart said this was going to happen or whatever and you can kind of see how that what you mean yeah like Mars was transiting you know a sensitive point at her chart the day that she died, you know you could say or you could say that you know this particular marker for having mental health issues was happening. So I think it's. Interesting that seems like such a like in it's so I think some people look at the strategy myself included up until relatively recently like it's I mean it's kind of a fun thing to kind of look at but it doesn't really mean anything but then when you start looking at it. Because I have a lot of times I read my aquarium is my horoscope and be like don't spend money today and I'm like okay that's that's an easy thing to do and your you know that I don't know okay I you know like things like that but I feel like if you know it's kind of like. You know it's not so differently than praying if not so different front than you know to God or is not something you know the it's just information and ways of dealing and coping and kind of seeing patterns and whatever right and I don't know if there's no there's no. There's no harm in that although unless it was used for back. Reasons great I think all of it's about you know respect although you know every movie that we watch my partner laughs because. I will be looking up the birth the birth chart of whoever watching or the person that's depicted in this you know historical fiction because I'm curious and does it does it line up I mean. There's a lot of people that don't have their birth times on record so that will affect the general nature of how I see it, you need a break time the rising sign changes you know around every hour and a half to two hours depending so your time if you're born if I said I was born at like. 137 and then you put it on is 138 does that change the whole thing that will be a very minor change,

however if your mother insists that you were born at 11:

30 in the morning.

And you found out that in fact you were born on your birth certificate it says 3:

37 p.m. that's going to be a completely different charge interesting wow that's so cool so how can people find you like what do you how can I honestly this is a thing because my Instagram account got hacked earlier this year and that's a big thing too people are targeting spiritual workers and impersonating them on Instagram. For hacking their accounts and that really did some damage to me earlier this year I won the last Mercury retrograde it happened the day that mercury went retrograde last cycle so you got it back. I have it back now so that's primarily where I post content or videos or information I am also available for. Direct booking through my website and what is your what is your Instagram I have to now one which is mostly my Twitter posts in the other which is my content. But it's Stars underscore in underscore alignment and that's my handle on both Instagram and Twitter no I had to I had to do VH astrologer on Twitter all right, and then your website is Stars it is it's a different stars and Alignment because the one that I wanted with the underscores was gone. Shaking my fist I know I know so we can do this they can find your websites to direct bookings they can join Instagram to see your information can they damn you there as well absolutely awesome well thank you so much Vivian for coming this has been wonderful I've learned so much and I'm very excited to show you my chart and have you tell me some stuff super fun yeah I'm ready all right guys this thank you so much for tuning in I will see you guys next week. Music. Thanks for listening to all up in my lady business it is written by me Mary nisi. It is produced by Christina sorum Williams and Amelia Rudy with softer. It is recorded at the toast and jam offices in Logan Square in Chicago, you can find resources and links from this episode in the show notes at all up in my lady, if you enjoyed this episode and you did Smash that subscribe button and if you're the kind of person that reviews things on the internet please rate and review us wherever you listen to us it really does help people find us follow us on all of your socials and don't forget whatever you do this week do it, with your whole ass thanks for listening. Music.