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Mary is the bomb!

Full disclosure, I’m lucky enough to be a member of the Green Wedding Alliance with Mary. I’m thinking that made me higher the bar for her podcast, and she does not disappoint. Her candidness is needed always, but especially during these trying times. Continue to be amazing.

Brilliant, Real, Funny, Great

The business of being a lady, on all levels, and everything that entails, is no small feat. This sh*t is hard work. It gets a lot easier and more enjoyable when you don't go it alone. Mary Nisi is a sharp comedienne, a smart entrepreneur, a fantastic mom, an amazing wife, a great friend, and an inspiring, generous, creative genius. Make Mary your co-pilot! Listen to All Up In My Lady Business and put your whole ass in like the god damned hokey pokey.

So good!

I know nothing about running a business and I hope never you need to, yet I find this podcast constantly fascinating. Mary’s journey is so admirable and interesting, and though you could definitely learn a lot about how to start a biz by listening, I’m even more impressed by the life lessons that come out of her stories. It’s made me think about things differently and want to improve my life - pretty nice quality If you ask me! Thanks Mary!

Mary Nisi is all up in my lady business

I have worked with Mary to grow my business. She’s quick, creative, ethical and a joy to be with. Love this lady, so happy she’s sharing her wisdoms in this way!